Tilma is an organization responding to the call of
the New Evangelization in the world today.

“Let us boldly become citizens of the digital world. The Church needs to be concerned for, and present in, the world of communication, in order to dialogue with people today and to help them encounter Christ. She needs to be a Church at the side of others, capable of accompanying everyone along the way.”

- Pope Francis

Who We Are

Tilma is helping to provide parishes with a great resource to build modern, responsive, beautiful, and effective websites.

Our goal is to unify the Church in the digital world by creating a platform where we can all share resources, build a more connected community, and carry out our mission of evangelization through the use of technology and communication.

We want parishes to be evangelizing to their congregation and greater community, maintaining and growing parish membership and donations, and integrating people into parish life at the deepest level.

This starts with a good website.

What is Tilma

Tilma is an integrated digital website platform. The websites produced are high-performance and high-quality, able to stand out amidst the high cultural standards of the world today when it comes to functional and beautiful web design.

The Tilma platform helps strengthen the connection not only within the parish community but between the parish and the diocese, too. Both local and diocesan specific news can be shared, as well as global Church information. The goal of Tilma is to integrate evangelization into every aspect of parish life.

Parish Membership

Gather and manage parishioner information and volunteer interests in one system.

News and Content Feed

Curate the best Catholic news and connect each parishioner’s interests to real ministry opportunities and events, as well as encourage Daily Prayer and Devotions.

Mass and Confession Times

Manage mass and confession times in a universal format, making it easy for parishioners and guests to find the information.

Donation Platform

Collect electronic funds without hassle for both regular collections and one time donations.

Digital Parish Bulletin

Keep parishioners up to date with your church’s weekly bulletin in an online format.

Event Calendar System

Upload, edit, and control all your parish events in one place, both for one-time and repeating events.

Mobile Friendly

On average over 70% of parishioners will visit a parish website with their mobile device. We ensure our websites have mobile compatibility and seamlessness.

More Features

  • Parish Events
  • Mass Readings
  • Facility Rental
  • Diocesan Priorities
  • Capital Campaigns
  • Parish Announcements
  • Reflections
  • Ministries
  • Diocesan Events
  • Reports for Priest
  • Devotion Times
  • Sacraments
  • Catholic News
  • Diocesan Ministries
  • Ministry and Master Classes

Ready To Commit?

Tilma is free for each parish to use, but there are time and resources each parish needs to commit to when signing up.

You may have spent money in the last few years to build a new website, but the websites created and maintained through Tilma will be supported by the archdiocese for years to come. This is not a once-off investment of time for your team; rather, it is a long term plan for the archdiocese to be able to support your parish better.

Currently the onboarding process is no cost to your parish but it requires:

  • Two 15 minute phone calls from the Tilma onboarding team with the parish priest
  • Two hours of administrative time (priest, secretary, or a designated website person) to set up the website
    10 minutes with each parish staff member to do staff photos (same day)
  • Church/personnel availability to open the church to the photo and video team to collect the necessary images and footage to enhance the website
  • Utilizing digital leaders in the parish to maintain and update the website on a regular basis

This platform has the potential to help evangelize your parish. Are you in?